Are you prepared for a lithium-ion battery fire?

Remove the heat. Control the damage. Stop lithium battery fires fast. Prevents the propagation of fires.

Proven results on lithium ion batteries

Effectively extinguishes Class A fires

Prevents the propagation of fire

Environmentally-friendly product

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Address the burning issues surrounding lithium-ion battery fires

Specifically designed for lithium-ion battery fires, AVDfire delivers superior performance to extinguish flames, reduces propagation of fire and minimise damage.

Do you know how to put out a lithium battery fire quickly, safely and effectively? AVD is a pioneering fire extinguishing agent that is specifically designed to tackle the particular threat posed by lithium battery fires. It is the only agent that contains, cools and extinguishes lithium battery fires and can be used in both portable and fixed fire safety systems – including sprinklers and lithium battery fire extinguishers.

Effective lithium battery fire protection

Discover a new, revolutionary fire extinguishing agent for lithium-ion battery fires with AVD. The only product of its kind, AVD offers unique and effective lithium battery fire protection.

  • Effectively extinguishes Class A fires
  • Effectively extinguishes flammable metal fires
  • Proven results on lithium-ion battery fires
  • Suitable for portable and fixed installations
  • Prevents the spread of fire
  • Environmentally friendly
What is AVD?

Applications and Guidance

Find the perfect solution for the effective control and suppression of lithium battery fires with AVDfire. We specialise in solutions for a range of applications to protect against the dangers of, and damage caused by, lithium-ion battery fires.

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Boat Fire Safety Week in the UK: A Crucial Initiative

23rd May 2024

From 27th May to 2nd June 2024, the main focus of the event is on raising awareness and promoting safety practices to prevent fires caused by lithium battery devices aboard vessels.

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UL Solutions conducts additional testing of the UL Listed Victory Fire AVD6L extinguisher on lithium battery fires

22nd February 2024

The Victory Fire Model AVD6L 6 litre extinguisher was successfully launched at the NFPA show in Las Vegas having proudly earned its UL Listing Mark; the AVD6L model is Listed under file number EX29073 as a water-based agent fire extinguisher.

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New ‘Vanquish’ Lithium Ion Firefighting System

23rd February 2023

Venari Group UK team were thrilled to launch and demonstrate the all new ‘Vanquish’ lithium ion firefighting system - a 100% British collaboration - alongside Rotec Engineering Ltd and AVD Fire to fire and rescue service delegates at The International Fire Training Centre, joined also by our alliance partners, Ford Pro and the new world-class Ranger line up.

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Four hospitalised following laptop battery fire in plane cabin

10th February 2023

A fire from the battery of a laptop device aboard a United Airlines flight forced a Newark-bound plane to return to San Diego on Tuesday and sent four people to the hospital.

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AVD Solutions for the Marine Industry

14th October 2022

Wasaline has also equipped Aurora Botnia with AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) extinguishers which are currently the most effective method on the market to contain lithium-ion battery fires. The AVD agent cools down and encapsulates the burning battery.

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Concern over huge rise in fires caused by e-bike and e-scooter batteries

13th October 2022

An ITV News investigation found fresh evidence of a link between hundreds of fires across the country - findings which led to new warnings about one of the fastest growing transport trends.

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