All Lith-Ex Extinguishers and related AVD Fire products are sold to the market through a network of dealers and distributors.

Please contact the dealer or distributor from whom you purchased your products for details of its product warranty and other terms and conditions applying to your purchase.

Accordingly, if you have any warranty concerns, you should contact the dealer or distributor directly to resolve.

The following disclaimer is for all AVD Fire products including but not limited to aerosol fire extinguishers, portable fire extinguishers,  fire extinguishing systems, AVD fire extinguishing agent and apparatus.

AVD Fire Ltd does not accept responsibility or warrant performance for part used AVD Fire Products or for those damaged by inappropriate storage or handling (please see user instructions for recommended practice). Hand held fire extinguishers are for first response (initial low ferocity) firefighting and are not suited for large or deep seated fires.

AVD Fire Ltd does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to property or human life when AVD Fire products are used and we do not give guarantee, or warranty, or suggest, or imply that the AVD Fire products will extinguish all fires, regardless of fire type or origin. We only confirm that AVD Fire agent has been 3rd party performance tested against a set of performance criteria relating to Lithium Battery fires. Further information relating to this testing can be found on the website or contact AVD Fire directly on [email protected]

AVD Fire Ltd shall have no liability for any damage caused by the customer’s failure to observe guidelines set out in the product user instructions. This does not affect the customer’s statutory rights.

Proven results on lithium ion batteries

Effectively extinguishes Class A fires

Prevents the propagation of fire

Environmentally-friendly product