Boat Fire Safety Week in the UK: A Crucial Initiative

Boat Fire Safety Week in the UK: A Crucial Initiative

May 23, 2024

Boat Fire Safety Week - Luxury yachts moored in the marina of Barcelona

We’re gearing up for an essential event organized by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) – Boat Fire Safety Week! From 27th May to 2nd June 2024, the main focus of the event is on raising awareness and promoting safety practices to prevent fires caused by lithium battery devices aboard vessels.

At, we are committed to supporting this vital initiative. Throughout the week, we will offer consultations and share best practices, specifically to reduce the risks associated with lithium battery applications on board.

Boat fires can have devastating consequences, but we can significantly reduce these risks with the right knowledge and precautions. Being prepared is vital when your journey is underway. You can’t ring the fire service for help, so you would have to deal with the emergency with what you have at hand until help can arrive.

We will explain how our AVDFire Lithex Fire Extinguishers can extinguish lithium battery fires quicker and more effectively without reignition. We will also explain what our fire blankets are used for and what is included in a fire suppression kit.

Understanding the Importance of Boat Fire Safety Week

Boat Fire Safety Week is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a crucial campaign aimed at saving lives and protecting property. Boating is a beloved activity in the UK, enjoyed by thousands. However, the fun can quickly turn into a nightmare if a fire breaks out. With modern boats of all shapes up to Superyacht size increasingly relying on electrical systems and lithium batteries, the risk of fire has never been higher.

Almost all handheld devices use Li-Ion batteries now, including mobile phones, laptops, GPS units and plotters, and they all carry the same risks. Also remember the items you bring onto your vessel, we’ve listed a few below.

Sea Bobs – sea bobs provide users with scuba diving depths of up to 40 meters.
eScooters & e-bikes – fold down providing efficient storage. eScooters are popular with larger vessel and superyacht owners as they enable guests and crew to get to any place in the marina or to a local seaside town and back with no difficulty.

The Rising Threat of Lithium Battery Fires On Boats

Lithium batteries are a double-edged sword. They offer exceptional energy storage in a small package, making them perfect for marine applications, but they also pose significant fire risks. When damaged, faulty, overcharged, or improperly disposed of, this large amount of energy is released very quickly, resulting in a powerful fire or explosion.

AVDFire lithium battery extinguisher range of equipment for use on boats and yachts

While at present there is no classification for lithium battery fires to give guidance on how to mitigate the risk, it is important that we share the knowledge and understanding to help people mitigate the risk with effective products and methods.

Lithium battery failure can be caused by the following:
• Mechanical Abuse (Physical impact or penetration)
• Thermal Abuse (Overheating)
• Electrical Abuse (over charging / Short circuits)
• Internal cell failure
• Manufacturing defects.

To combat this specific threat, AVDFire have developed the Lithex Fire Extinguishers, specifically to tackle lithium battery fires swiftly and effectively. The unique formulation ensures that the fire is extinguished without the risk of reignition, a common issue with traditional extinguishers.

With the rise in technology that uses lithium batteries, comes the added risk of lithium battery fires. How prepared are you for a lithium battery fire? And are lithium batteries dangerous?

The consequences of lithium battery fires are severe, so having the right precautions in place is critical. AVDFire offers a unique solution that can be used across a range of applications to effectively tackle the blaze.

  1. Quick Response: AVDFire Lithex extinguishers activate rapidly, providing an immediate response to a lithium battery fire.
  2. No Reignition: The unique formula prevents the fire from reigniting, ensuring the threat is completely neutralized.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Our extinguishers use eco-friendly agents, ensuring that the marine environment remains protected.

The Role of Fire Blankets and Suppression Kits

AVD Fire Blankets ready packed for storing on marine vesselsFire blankets are another essential tool in fire safety; not all blankets are the same. A kitchen fire blanket is not designed to withstand the temperatures generated in a Li-Ion battery fire. Our AVD fire blankets can smother small fires, cutting off the oxygen supply and preventing the fire from spreading. In a marine environment, having a fire blanket readily accessible can make all the difference.

  1. Quick Deployment: Fire blankets can be deployed quickly to smother flames and prevent them from spreading.
    • Working temperature >1000°C
    • Fireproof technical fabric with a fire-resistant coating
    • Fire-resistant re-enforced multi-layered edge lining
    • Eyelets for tethering or suspending
    • Fire-resistant industrial stitching
    • Handling loops on all corners
  2. Flame deflection protection is added to these fibres as well as abrasion resistance utilizing a variety of proprietary surface coatings. The non-flammable, vermiculite dispersion mineral–coated glass fabric is overlaid with a sacrificial, protective silicone layer.
    • No rupture of the fabric after several hours at 1000°C
    • No rupture of the fabric after 30 minutes at 1200°C
    • Fabric becomes brittle after 30 minutes at 1300°C to 1500°C.

Fire Suppression Kits An AVDFire Suppression Kit suitable for small boats and yachts for fire safety

Our Fire suppression kits are another layer of protection. These kits include everything needed to deal with a handheld item fire emergency on board:

• Fire-resistant bag, designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C
Lith-Ex 500 ml Aerosol extinguisher or 1-litre extinguisher.
• Safety glasses
• Safety gloves

Why Boat Fire Safety Week Matters

Boat Fire Safety Week is an opportunity for everyone in the boating community to come together and learn how to prevent fires. It’s not just about having the right equipment; it’s about knowing how to use it and understanding the risks involved. Education and awareness are key components of fire safety.

Our Commitment to Marine Fire Safety

At AVDFire, we are dedicated to providing the best safety solutions for boat owners. During Boat Fire Safety Week, we will be offering free consultations to help you understand the fire risks associated with your boat and how to mitigate them. Our experts will be available to answer your questions and provide personalized advice.

Contact AVDFire for More Fire Prevention Best Practices and Solutions

Boat Fire Safety Week is a critical initiative that can save lives and protect property. By raising awareness and promoting the use of specialized equipment like AVDFire Lithex Fire Extinguishers, fire blankets, and containment kits, we can significantly reduce the risk of boat fires. Join us in this important campaign and ensure your boat is equipped with the best fire safety tools available.

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