AVD Fire Industry Day 2021

Demo of AVD Fire Blanket on a Car

Fire Blanket on 5 Cells

Fire Extinguisher on 5 Cells

Large Scale ESS Testing

ESS pack. Extinguished with an AVD system.1.884 kWh

Undamaged cells, overcharge 2nd and 3rd cells. Extinguished with an AVD system ESS Module 1.884 kWh

ESS Module overcharged, manual deluge activation. Extinguished with AVD. 1.178 kWh

ESS Module overcharged, manual deluge activation at first sign of smoke.

Lithium Battery Fires

How AVD Works - Li

A short video which illustrates the use of AVD Extinguishing Agent on a Lithium Ion battery fire.

How to Apply AVD - Li

A short instructional video which shows how to apply AVD Fire Extinguishing Agent via an extinguisher to a Lithium-Ion battery fire.

AVD Vs Water Mist

Comparison of AVD mist and water mist extinguishing lithium Ion batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries on Fire

Independent test - 4 pouch cells aerosol

Containment Kit

Containment kit - laptop fire 104Wh with images

AVD Plane Scenario

This is a short video giving examples of Lithium-ion devices which may be susceptible to spontaneous combustion and how AVD could help avert disaster in an aviation scenario.

Lith Ex Aerosol Instruction Vid

Lith Ex aerosol instruction video

Magnesium Fires

How AVD Works - Mg

A short video which illustrates how AVD works and is one of the best fire extinguishing agents for Magnesium fires.

How to apply AVD - Mg

Video presentation of how AVD should be applied to control a magnesium powder fire using a portable fire extinguisher.

AVD 9 Litre Extinguisher - Mg

AVD Fire Extinguishing Agent being used on 20kg Magnesium fire in a 9 litre Portable Mist Extinguisher.

Fire Suppression Kit

Drone Battery 145 Wh Pouch Cells

145Wh drone battery made up of pouch cells, being suppressed within a fire containment bag.

Proven results on lithium ion batteries

Effectively extinguishes Class A fires

Prevents the propagation of fire

Environmentally-friendly product