Lithium Battery Fires

How AVD Works - Li

A short video which illustrates the use of AVD Extinguishing Agent on a Lithium Ion battery fire.

How to apply AVD - Li

A short instructional video which shows how to apply AVD Fire Extinguishing Agent via an extinguisher to a Lithium-Ion battery fire.

AVD Vs Water Mist

Comparison of AVD mist and water mist extinguishing lithium Ion batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries on Fire

Independent test - 4 pouch cells aerosol

Containment Kit

Containment kit - laptop fire 104Wh with images

Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Lith Ex Aerosol Instruction Vid

Lith Ex aerosol instruction video

Magnesium Fires

How AVD Works - Mg

A short video which illustrates how AVD works and is one of the best fire extinguishing agents for Magnesium fires.

How to apply AVD - Mg

Video presentation of how AVD should be applied to control a magnesium powder fire using a portable fire extinguisher.

AVD 9 Litre Extinguisher - Mg

AVD Fire Extinguishing Agent being used on 20kg Magnesium fire in a 9 litre Portable Mist Extinguisher.

Fire Suppression Kit

Drone Battery 145 Wh Pouch Cells

145Wh drone battery made up of pouch cells, being suppressed within a fire containment bag.

Proven results on lithium ion batteries

Effectively extinguishes Class A fires

Effectively extinguishes flammable metal fires

Environmentally-friendly product