AVD Solutions for the Marine Industry

AVD Solutions for the Marine Industry

October 14, 2022

For the past six months, Wasaline has co-operated with Finnish fire safety companies Firesea Equipment Oy and Rescue Team Scandinavia in finding new solutions to fight vehicle fires at sea. Together with other shipping companies Wasaline has participated in a joint project in order to develop an innovative extinguishing pool. Now, Wasaline is the first shipping company to order the product on board its ferry Aurora Botnia.

In case of a battery fire, the EVFS pool can quickly be set up around the vehicle. The fire is then controlled by submerging the batteries, usually placed under the car floor, in cooling liquid. In field tests the pool has proved to be effective and easy to handle in tight spaces on the car deck.

Wasaline has also equipped Aurora Botnia with AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) extinguishers which are currently the most effective method on the market to contain lithium-ion battery fires. The AVD agent cools down and encapsulates the burning battery.

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Proven results on lithium ion batteries

Effectively extinguishes Class A fires

Prevents the propagation of fire

Environmentally-friendly product